*blinks couple times when Damey’s stupid hand; explodes; lowers gaze.* Well, that’s really rude. X3 

Tell me about it… My girlfriend is always manipulating me with her face. 

One Seven Three


**ohemgee.** *dies; dies; dies; dizzies because kissie.* **really cute feels when Damey’s fingers. ^.^** *explodes; shudders because Damey’s warmth; DIES; dies; digs heel of le other foot into mattress because ohemgee boyfriend; moves hand from pillowcase; curls hand; lightly rests hand on side of Shelly’s stupid face because nope.*

*smiles slightly, amused when his touch makes Ashleah shiver; slowly runs his hand up over her tummy, savoring her softness; leans into the kiss when he feels girlfriend’s hand; trails his fingertips down over the ridges of her ribs, his mouth softening against hers*